Applying for Funding

Application Guidelines

First review the "about" section for important applicant requirements and limitations.

Detailed Fund Request

Submit a proposal narrative which must include the following:

  1. Detailed description of proposed use of requested funds.
  2. Proposed project budget with detailed line items.
  3. Targeted population and geographic area served.
  4. Desired outcomes, measurable benefits and plans for achieving them.
  5. Plans for regularly measuring and reporting progress toward goals.
  6. Explanation of how the project will continue to be funded and sustained at the end of the grant.


Include the following attachments with your proposal:

      1. Final 501 (c) (3) IRS determination letter. (If not available, please provide a provisional letter.)
      2. Most recent Form 990.
      3. Most recent financial statement (audited or reviewed, if available).
      4. Your organization's current operating budget, including revenue and expenses.
      5. Your organization's current revenue sources, including revenue and fundraising sources.
      6. Project budget, including revenue and fundraising sources.
      7. To be considered attachments must be in PDF or JPEG format. 


About Completing the Application

The form may be completed in two ways: 1) open it in Microsoft Word and type in your answers (preferred) or 2) simply print it and type or write in your answers. In either case, please limit your answers to a total of 2 pages and use a font size of at least 11 points.

Where to Submit Applications

We will only accept submissions sent to [email protected].



Grant Report Guidelines

The Trust maintains a continuing interest in its grantee organizations and the projects it supports. To accomplish this goal, the Trust requires that all grantees submit a grant report upon completion of the project or one year from the date of the grant award. The Trust uses grantee reports as an integral part of its grant-making and considers the reports in making future grants. Learn More


Key Dates Deadlines, Decision Notifications, Distributions

Application Forms Application Form (MSWord) | Application Form (PDF)

Reporting Forms Grant Report (MSWord) | Grant Report (PDF)

Questions may be directed to [email protected]